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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -- Benjamin Franklin


A main motivation for Dr. Ofer Mintz to enter academia was to be able to teach and mentor students. Ofer's teaching areas of interest are digital marketing, marketing management, customer-centric innovation, marketing analytics, and statistics.

Overall, Ofer believes an educator's main objective is to provide students specialized skills and knowledge that will help them obtain or improve their job in the near future. Further, Ofer firmly believes an educator needs to highly reward students for attending lectures by bringing learning materials “to life” and ensuring students can learn more than they could from a textbook or pre-recorded lectures. Thus, his lecturing approach to enhance student learning and outcomes is to implement highly interactive and blended subjects that require students to express critical thinking and incorporate innovative approaches to solve real-world problems. The subject content also integrates global trends and incorporates the latest research and teaching cases, and forces students to conduct work-integrated-learning projects that involve partnerships with real-world firms.

In prior experiences as an instructor, Ofer's students seemed to genuinely appreciate his enjoyment and personal attachment to the subjects and has received teaching awards, high peer evaluation grades, and media coverage. However, Ofer is most proud of the connections established with his students, which have remain many years after the end of the semester. 

AT UTS, Ofer is excited to have created postgraduate subjects on Digital Marketing and Marketing Decision Making, which are designed to provide students both knowledge on the subject and applicability to conduct digital marketing and all-encompassing marketing projects for their firms. His subjects have partnered with Vodafone, Cover-More, eBay, Sanofi, and Two Bulls, a number of charities, and several dozens of local small businesses. Further, Ofer has enjoyed creating the Innovation Lab subject that guides executives on how to create customer-centric innovations.

Finally, Ofer was the co-creator of the Digital Marketing Management Training Program, designed for women re-entering the workforce and seeking a mid-level management job after a carer's break. The program provided a comprehensive training program involving multiple industry partners, career coaches, networking events, skills training, and academic classes. 

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